Wedding Invitations With Borders

We carry an extensive selection of wedding invitations with elegant borders. Being it borders in pearl, black, blue, silver, gold, aqua, pink, etc, we have it.

Gold Wedding Invitations | Gold Anniversary Invitations

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Bright White SquaresBright White Squares$187.90 per 100
Deckled in GoldDeckled in Gold$195.90 per 100
Jeweled LoveJeweled Love$261.90 per 100
polka dots wedding invitationSurrounded by Dots$104.90 per 100
Pearlized Snowflake Border Pearlized Snowflake Border $169.90 per 100
Modern Border Modern Border $360.00 per 100
Regal Border Regal Border $273.90 per 100
Bold Double Border Bold Double Border $154.90 per 100
Sophisticated Pearl Border Sophisticated Pearl Border $236.00 per 100

Tips for a Smooth Delivery of Your Wedding Invitations

When mailing out your wedding invitations, you may find yourself running into some postal issues if you do not take a few extra precautions.  In order to make certain your invitations get delivered in a timely fashion and make it to their recipients, try following these tips:

  • Double check the zip codes of your recipients by visiting for zip codes in the United States and in Canada
  • Include your return address on the outer envelope so undeliverable invitations can be returned to you
  • Take a fully assembled wedding invitation to the post office so it can be weighed and you can be certain to put enough postage on the invitation
  • If mailing an invitation overseas, be certain to write the name of the country beneath the recipient's address as well as the name of your country beneath your return address

You should also be certain to include a stamp on the envelope you have included for the response card.  If the guest is from another country, however, you can forego this step since the recipient will need to use a stamp from his or her own country.

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