Casual Wedding Invitations

Whatever your reason for seeking a casual wedding, we have a multitude of casual wedding invitation designs for you to choose from. We even have invitations designed specifically for couples that decided to skip the formal wedding altogether by eloping!

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Including Admission Tickets with Your Wedding Invitations

Are you planning your wedding or reception at a popular location?  If so, you may need to take a few extra steps in order to avoid the possibility of wedding crashers taking part in your special day.  In order to maintain your privacy and to ensure you are not entertaining people who were not included on your guest list, you might want to consider including admission cards with your wedding invitations.

Admission cards are similar to the entrance tickets you would receive when attending a special event.  By giving admission cards to your guests, they can hand them to your ushers when entering the venue in order to verify they are on the guest list.  Not only will this help keep sightseers away from your wedding, it can also add an extra air of formality to your big day.

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