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White invitation cards are classic and traditional looking.
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Conveying Your Faith with Religious Wedding Invitations

Do you want to send out a wedding invitation that does more than just provide your guests with the basics of your wedding day celebration?  Do you want a wedding invitation that will also demonstrate your deep religious faith and will let your guests know that your faith will be an integral part of your wedding ceremony?  If so, there are several things you might want to consider having included in your wedding invitation design.

In order to convey a religious method, there are several different graphic symbols that you may want to include in your wedding invitation.  If you are interested in a wedding invitation that conveys a Christian message, for example, you may want to include graphics of doves or of a cross within your invitation.  In addition, you may want to select a design that incorporates a bible verse related to love on the cover of your invitation.  In some cases, you can actually select the verse you would like to have included in your invitation, so be sure to talk to your printer so you can create the perfect religious wedding invitation for your special day.

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