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All about wedding invitations: how to assemble them, wording, how to choose the perfect design, etc.

The wedding invitations are a very important part of the marriage process. They inform guests where and when the wedding is taking place and without the invitations obviously there would be no guests.

Before any ideas about the invitations are confirmed it is necessary for the young couple to finalize their guest list. This will be to determine how many invitations should be ordered. Every couple and single guest should be counted, parents, clergy and also their guests. All children over 16 should also receive an invitation. It is wise to order another 25 - 50 invitations to allow for spelling mistakes, last minute surprises and the odd person that you may have forgotten about. The invitations should be ordered well in advance give or take four to six months.

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The invitation should be chosen carefully and thoughtfully, as it will give the perspective guests a brief preview of what to expect of the wedding. Selecting the right materials to use whether it's the paper, style, wording or font all add to the important process of planning the perfect wedding.

The theme and colors of the wedding should be incorporated into the final design, whether you go for a traditional approach or a more contemporary design it should compliment your own personal tastes. Although pure white and cream are traditionally used there is really no restriction on the colours and designs included in the invitation. Flowers and bells are extremely common yet always the favorite for couples who wish for their wedding invitations to be as elaborate as possible. Designs that make use of different paper styles such as rice, parchment or handmade papers give a more unique feeling to the invitation as a pose to the more common choice of card or paper.

As for the text and wedding invitations wording, Old English and Roman Capitals are favored for effectiveness and clarity, with an ink color to match the basic design or the border. Wedding invites should generally consist of 10 - 14 lines if they exceed this then the font chosen should be less elaborate but if there is not much wording then the to fill the invitation the writing chosen should be more elaborate with a 'full body' font.

Many invitations come with pre-written messages where things such as the name of the guest, time and location of the ceremony should be inserted. It is courteous to include a map or written instructions so that the guest can find their way to the location of the wedding. Photocopies from an A-Z will spoil the design of the invitation therefore to give a more appropriate look it should be created on a computer and printed on the same style paper as the invitations.

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The invitation should be assembled in the correct order so the invitee's have no difficulty in reading it.
The first step is to place the invitation face-up in front of you, then place a sheet of tissue over the writing. This is not necessary but at one time was considered 'proper' to use it. The tissue may serve a purpose if the invitation has been printed directly from the pc as printer ink often smudges in the post.
If enclosures are being used (such as R.S.V.P cards) then they should be placed in size order (largest nearest the invitation) with the writing side facing upwards.
If the invitation has to be folded then it should be done from top to bottom with the writing on the inside and the enclosures contained within this.
All of this must be first put into the inner envelope. If the invitation has been folded then the fold must be at the bottom. If it hasn't been folded then the writing on the invitation should be facing the back of the envelope.
The inner envelope must then be out into the outer envelope with the writing facing towards the invitee when the outer envelope is opened.

Invitations should be weighed to make sure that they don't exceed postage requirements and also be sure to check whether the envelope is considered standard or over sized. They should be posted six to eight weeks in advance depending on where they are going; this is to allow time for your guest to organise personal arrangements such as travel and time off work and also to inform you if they will be attending.
If you choose to include an invitation to the reception with the wedding invite it should be printed on a small card in the same style as the wedding invitation a response card could also be included so the guests who do wish to attend can be kept track of. A matching postage-paid envelope should be included with this..

Traditionally the brides family deal with the invitations therefore all invitations should come from the home of the bride, this includes friends and associates of the husband and his family.

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