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Choosing Your Beach Wedding Accessories

Because beach weddings are known to have a more casual feel to them than traditional church weddings, the accessories you choose to enhance your beach wedding theme should reflect the same. Beach wedding accessories have a uniquely tropical quality about them, and here are a few suggestions to help you choose.


Many beach brides opt to walk down their sandy aisle in bare feet. Others prefer not to feel the sand between their toes and choose a pair of elegant bridal flip-flops. Strappy sandals are another popular choice. Whichever you prefer, just remember the classic white satin bridal pump is definitely not an option.


No bride's attire is complete without the sparkle of jewelry. For the beach bride, this means jewelry that reflects the tropical feel of her beachside surroundings. Any piece with freshwater pearls is perfect, such as a pair of dangly earrings adorned with natural and pastel shades of these pretty gems. Beads in seascape colors can grace your wrists and ankles. And a strand of baby seashells along your décolletage is a classic for beach brides.

Sand Sculptures

Decorations for your beach wedding reception should not be overlooked even though your wedding is more casual than traditional. While tropical flowers, colorful and fragrant, and exotic fruits are excellent choices to adorn your reception area, consider hiring a sand artist to create decorative sand sculptures like sandcastles and other romantic displays. Your guests will gush at the sight of such unique masterpieces.

A Whimsical Approach

An added touch sure to please your guests would be to welcome each one upon their arrival with a tropical Hawaiian lei. Who wouldn't feel more like celebrating when wearing one of these!

Miscellaneous Accessories

Accessories for beach weddings do not necessarily need to be worn. Centerpieces on your guests' tables can easily reflect the theme of your wedding. Seashells, tropical flowers, and candles embossed with sea creature motifs are all unique ways to keep the spirit of your beach wedding alive.

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