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Gift Ideas for a Wedding Engagement

Etiquette guidelines make it clear that it is not necessary to buy an engagement gift, even when the couple has an engagement party. Most people would agree that the real purpose of the party is to congratulate the happy couple. Nonetheless, many still choose to give a gift, but coming up with a gift idea can be difficult

When deciding on the perfect gift, you might want to consider what you plan to give later as a wedding gift. You can make the gifts tie together in some sort of theme. Or, you might choose a fun theme, such as a ladies night engagement gift. The possibilities truly are unlimited.

Basket of Goodies

There are many beautiful baskets that can be bought at stores that are prepared in advance. Many boutiques will also create unique and gorgeous gift baskets upon request. This type of basket adds a personal touch that is sure to be appreciated by the happy couple.

Some stores style their basket preparations to fit different circumstances. Of course, a specialist wedding gift store will have many for you to choose from. If you take the time to research the multitude of online gift stores, you will be surprised the many choices available. Did you ever think to give a gift basket complete with ingredients necessary for a romantic picnic, for an evening out under the stars, or even for a champagne and gourmet food extravaganza?

You will find that a basket of goodies can be made up quite easily to suit your requirements and that any store will be happy to provide you with what you need.

Gifts for the Occasion

A gift from the heart is a gesture of true affection. The giver can reinforce the bond already existent in the relationship, while the receiver feels special in knowing that the gift was bought after considerable thought. Even items that can potentially increase in value, such as jewelry from past generations, will be gladly received with loving thanks.

Many small items, which would make exceptional wedding engagement gifts, can be purchased from gift and specialty stores. The variety is endless couples will feel grateful when receiving a gourmet gift, an adorned picture frame, or a jewelry box. Personal items, such as items related to the couple's favorite outdoor activity, can also make a great engagement gift.

The bride and groom will receive many gifts from friends and family over the next few months. Therefore, they will be sure to appreciate the gifts that stand-out and that were selected with care, rather than pulled last minute off the store shelf.

Ceremony and Reception Gifts

Another great idea is to provide the couple with items they will need for their wedding or reception. Possibilities include the cake knife and serving tray or the crystal wine goblets or champagne glasses. These items as serve as a permanent reminder of the special day and help take some of the work out of planning for the wedding and reception.

Light Hearted Gifts

As with any gift for any occasion, it is truly the thought that counts. The happy couple will surely love receiving a small humorous gift purchased from a novelty store. These gifts could also be exchanged between the other members of the wedding contingent - what a lighthearted way to enjoy each other's company with cleverly selected piece.

It's well recognized that the giving of a wedding engagement gift is not absolutely essential, but any couple will be grateful for receiving even the smallest of gifts.

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