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Planning the Fall Wedding

Though not the most common time for a wedding, the idea of a wedding during the cooler fall months is growing increasingly popular. Fall invokes thoughts of falling leaves, brightly colored foliage, and warmer days with frosty nights. Fall weddings create a warm, cozy atmosphere that no guest will fail to remember.

Choosing Fall Colors

Brown is not the most attractive of colors, yet with a background of rusty foliage, brown bridesmaid attire can be quite beautiful. Dark orange, bright yellow, gold, and dark red are also fall colors that will suit many skin tones and hair shades.

Many fall brides find that the popular colors of chocolate brown and light blue become perfect choices for the groomsmen attire and bridesmaids’ dresses. Faux fur wraps can ensure the bridesmaids remain warm during an outdoor ceremony. The bride can wear a tiara or comb decorated in dried flowers instead of a traditional veil.

Fall Flowers

Fall flowers range from mums to roses to yarrow. The flowers at this time of year may not be fancy, but they are extremely inexpensive and suitable to the theme. If the wedding is held outdoors, cornstalks, pots of mums, and wheat stalks can add beauty to the décor. In October, carved pumpkins can be placed on reception tables and carved with images of weddings instead of typical spooky artwork. Lit with candles, the pumpkins can add a unique touch to each table.

The Fall Wedding Location

In the fall, a traditional church wedding can be nice, but consider other alternatives. Hosting your wedding in a clean barn, a local vineyard, a private inn, or an outdoor location with a backdrop of foliage are all options. Horse and carriage can take the bride to the wedding site. Be sure you have an alternate plan if you do choose an outdoor location as fall weather can cool considerably and rain with a moment’s notice.

The Fall Reception

For a fall wedding reception, consider roasted turkey, cooked squash, pumpkin soup, and a variety of fall vegetables and fruits such as cabbage, carrots, winter squash, corn, and apples) Fresh bread with melted cheddar cheese and tomatoes provide a satisfying appetizer. Hot apple cider can be jazzed up with a bit of rum or left plain for those not drinking.

The Fall Wedding Cake

The wedding cake can be a delicious carrot cake with cream cheese frosting decorated with fall flowers or fresh berries. Two other alternatives are apple cake with butter cream frosting decorated in sugar-frosted grapes or chocolate-fudge cake decorated with silk leaves in fall foliage colors. Grapes are typical available in the fall months and should be easy to find and afford.

Fall Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are easy to tie into a fall theme. Many options abound from those with trails of falling leaves to beige backgrounds with chocolate brown ribbons. Many companies offer invitations that revolve around a fall theme or you can create your own. It’s easy to do.

Fall weddings are the new craze. You can be the first to jump on the bandwagon and turn your wedding into a truly memorable celebration that no one will dare to forget.

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