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Having an Inexpensive Reception

Every engaged couple would love to have unlimited funds for their wedding reception. Nonetheless, money is an issue for most couples getting married. There are ways and means to get around some of the monetary constraints, yet still host a wedding reception without it looking it underwent extensive cost-cutting measures. A couple on a restricted plan has many options to choose from, without cutting back on all the extravagance and exciting activities that go hand-in-hand with this special time.

Creative Banking

The Bank Manager doesn't have to step in for you to be innovative in preparing for your wedding. You can reduce some expenses by making your own decorations with a measure of effort and creativity. Of course, priorities in the planning process do not begin here - this should be the final matter to be dealt with.

Style, location, and numbers are the determining factors for the wedding budget. Whether you plan on having a formal occasion or a casual style shindig alfresco, your attention to decorating the venue might vary from low input to extreme makeover.

Decorative Floral Arrangements

Planning ahead for your floral decorations can help to save on expenses. Planting of seasonal flowers, bulbs, and even small shrubs can be grown ahead of time and in a progressive way that makes the plants ready for placing in suitable containers for the wedding day. Tulips or several types of annuals would make a perfect choice for decorating a venue because they can be split and replanted in individual flowerpots or other planters. Low cost pots or multifarious containers can be found if you look in the right places. It is also quite simple to purchase what you need from a local nursery supplier.

The attractiveness of potted plants can be enhanced by painting them in colors that suit the wedding theme or by encasing them in aluminum foil tied with ribbon or lace. What better idea than to place these potted plants strategically around the reception venue, grouped or individually? Or, they can be placed on tables as centerpieces, as long as they are not too large. The smaller individual flowerpot plants can even be gifted as wedding favors and taken home by the guests.


Budget-sized and priced candles can be purchased at most discount and dollar stores, as well as at home-style stores. The lit candles can also be used as centerpieces. Care should be taken, however, with the flammability of other decorative items on the tables. Another mounting method is to stand the candle securely on a mirror for added reflective effect.

Decorating for your wedding and reception venue can be achieved very tastefully even with a minimal budget. Candles, flowers (choose matching invitations), gifts - all are on display as ostentatious as the budget allowed for, but with the related costs only being known to you. Your imagination is the only limiting factor.

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