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Throwing a Much Deserved Anniversary Party

Sadly, few marriages in today’s world survive. Statistics show that 43% of all marriages end in divorce within the first fifteen years. When a marriage does survive, every couple should celebrate beating the odds. The sad truth is that too many couples give up rather than fighting to save their marriage. With this in mind, if you are reaching your fifth, tenth, fifteenth, twenty-fifth, or even fiftieth anniversary, you should order some anniversary invitations and celebrate!


To Gift or Not to Gift

Etiquette dictates that for an anniversary party, gifts should not be given. This is not a firm rule, however, but it is firm that the host makes sure that they do not state anything about giving money as a gift instead. That is considered rude. If the invitation is handwritten, you can write “Please – No gifts.” If the invitations are engraved, the message must be written on an enclosure card instead.

If, by chance, guests do show up with gifts. Set them aside in a separate area so that anyone not bringing a gift does not feel embarrassed. Any gifts that are brought can be opened after the guests leave.

Creating a Budget

When planning a wedding anniversary party, start with a firm budget. Consider all costs when coming up with a budget including location costs, caterer costs, transportation, photographer, cake, invitations, and anything else you may require.

It is perfectly acceptable to host a dinner in a restaurant in which all guests will chip in. You must state this, however, on the invitation. The best way to get this point across is by enclosing a menu card that lists the prices that you and the restaurant have agreed upon. In the invitation, add a line that states: “…request that you share an evening with friends and family at the Elk’s Lodge in honor of …” The wording and enclosure of the menu will prompt anyone with questions about who is paying to ask.

Make sure you stick to the budget no matter what. Once you have your budget, consider how many people can be invited without going over that budget. You will need to order that many invitations plus another ten percent to cover any mistakes or last minute guest changes.

Wording Your Invitation

Wording on an invitation should always be in the third person. For example:

John, Mary, and Jane Doe
request the honor of your
presence to help celebrate
the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary of
Bob and Susan Doe
Saturday, the eleventh of April
Two Thousand and Three
at five o’clock in the evening.
Elk’s Lodge
1212 Maryland Street
Willison, Maine

RSVP regrets only.

The anniversary invitations should be mailed out six weeks in advance. This allows for guests to reserve the day and have time to respond if they are able or unable to attend.

With such a sad track record for marriages, it is a refreshing change of pace to attend a celebration congratulating a married couple on beating the odds. A wedding anniversary party is an excellent way to congratulate a couple on their amazing relationship.

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