Pocketfold Wedding Invitations

These pocket wedding invitations are a bit more expensive than the others we offer, but they are beautiful and sophisticated, and are sure to impress your guests. Want to know how these pocket invitations will look and feel up-close? Order a sample for just $3-$4
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Embellished FleurEmbellished Fleur$533.00 per 100
Forever CharmingForever Charming$567.00 per 100
beautiful floral swirl pocket invitationWrap Surprise$299.90 per 100
Black and Ecru PocketBlack and Ecru Pocket$246.90 per 100
White Pocket InviteWhite Shimmer Pocket$264.90 per 100
Black and White Pocket inviteBlack and White Pocket$254.90 per 100
Shimmer VinesShimmer Vines$287.90 per 100
wrapped in gold pocket invitationWrapped in Gold$254.90 per 100
Joyful BloomsJoyful Blooms$382.00 per 100

Assembling Your Wedding Invitation and Inserts Before Mailing

Are you feeling baffled about how to assemble your wedding invitations?  Once you have ordered your invitations and all of the inserts, you may feel a bit confused when it comes to the order these items are to be placed in your envelope.  In reality, it is not as confusing as it may seem, so long as you keep a few basics in mind.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you should place a piece of tissue paper over the printed wording on your invitation.  Then, you should place your reception card on top of the tissue paper, with the printed side of the reception card facing up. After you have assembled these two items, you should place any other enclosures on top of the reception card.  The order is of no importance, so long as you keep the printed side facing up.  Then, place all of the items inside the envelope with the printed side facing the back of the envelope and your wedding invitations are ready to be mailed!

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