Square Wedding Invitations

Be different and bold and choose non-traditional square wedding invitations. Let go of the classic vertical rectangular shapes and surprise your guests.
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Choosing the Right Verse for Your Wedding Invitation

When it comes to personalizing your wedding invitations, you might want to use a verse from a song or poem that is meaningful to you.  Or, you may want to consider adding a famous quote to your wedding invitation in order to add that personal touch.

Traditionally, verses included on a wedding invitation can range anywhere from one-line to four-line verses, but each line of the verse should be kept short.  Examples of one-line verses you might print on your wedding invitation include:

And the two shall become one…..


In Faith, Hope and Love….

If you prefer a two-line verse, a couple options include:

How beautiful is the day
that is touched by Love


I have found the one
whom my soul loves
(Song of Solomon 3:4)

If you are looking for a verse that is a little longer, you might want to consider a three-line verse.  Some examples of three-line verses include:

As our love unites us
may my family become your family
my friends your friends


This is My Commandment
that you love one another
as I have loved you

Four line verses can express even more love and beauty, but keep in mind that these verses will take up much more space on your wedding invitation.  Therefore, be certain to work closely with your printer in order to make certain these longer verses can be included in a way that will not make your invitation appear overly crowded.  A couple examples of four-line verses you might want to have on your wedding invitation include:

As our marriage
brings new meaning to love,
so our love
brings new meaning to life


Two lives,
Two hearts
Joined in friendship
Joined in love

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