Traditional Wedding Invitations

Choose from our selection of classic wedding invitations. Being it cards with elegant pearl borders, filigree, gold accents, simple embossings, etc. - we have them.
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Bright White SquaresBright White Squares$187.90 per 100
Silver VinesSilver Vines$199.90 per 100
simple wedding invitationBordered in Bright White$120.90 per 100
triple panel ecru cardEcru Tradition$120.90 per 100
Preferential Design Preferential Design $164.90 per 100
Ecru Lace InvitationEcru Lace$187.90 per 100
Lace Shimmers Lace Shimmers $195.90 per 100
Exquisite Golden BorderExquisite Golden Border$277.00 per 100
Lovely Sophisticate Lovely Sophisticate $177.90 per 100

Picking a Formal Wedding Invitation

Are you planning a formal wedding?  If so, you will certainly want to choose a formal wedding invitation that will reflect the type of wedding you are having.  In this case, there are a few general rules of thumb to keep in mind when selecting the perfect invitations.

When it comes to the formal wedding invitation, you should choose a card that primarily uses white or some variation of white such as cream or ivory.  Your formal wedding invitation should also be printed with a more traditional printing method, such as thermography or engraving.  In addition, it is best to stick with an antique font, such as Roman, as your wording shouldn't be overly fancy and it should be easy to read.

The design used for formal wedding invitations should also be kept quite simple.  In fact, a formal wedding invitations should not contain graphics such as rings or flowers.  It is, however, a good idea to include your family coat of arms or family crest if you have one.  In this case, the coat of arms or crest used on the invitation should be the one belonging to the bride's family.  Other than these family symbols, the formal wedding invitation should be kept simple with a clean design.

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